How Fast Is Procreate Time Lapse?

Does procreate record?


Procreate will capture drawings on the canvas in a video recording that you can then export.

By default it’s going to record you so to turn this off select the tools icon (🔧) > Video > toggle Time-lapse recording..

How do I check my time on procreate?

In Procreate 4, in the Actions menu (wrench icon) tap on Canvas > Canvas information. It gives you the date/time the Canvas was created and the date/time it was last modified, among other details. wow thanks for the fast reply! This is new to me and I just checked.

Can you add music to procreate?

Under the actions menu- wrench icon- select the Share section. At the bottom, select export . It will export the file to your photos app. You can play it from there…. Or bring it into iMovie or Pinnacle to edit,,add music or voice narration.

Can you slow down procreate time lapse?

You can’t slow it down but it records what happens on the screen at normal speed so it’ll be a lot easier to follow than the time-lapse.

How do I record a timelapse in procreate?

Hi HannahM – go into your iPad’s settings and scroll down to Procreate. Tap on that and then on Time Lapse Recording Quality to check if you have it disabled. If it was disabled, choose a recording quality option to switch it on.