Question: What Countries Does BT Mobile Cover?

Can I use my BT Mobile in Turkey?

@marmaris87 Yes your BT mobile will work in Turkey but it’s not classed as an EU zone.

Check out page 104 on the Tariff Guide for the cost of using your phone abroad.

Turkey is in roaming Zone 3..

How can I avoid roaming charges in USA?

Here are some tips on how to avoid big charges.Tip 1: Turn Off Data Roaming. Go to Settings then select General / Network. … Tip 2: Use Wi-Fi. You can connect your iPhone using a local Wi-Fi connection. … Tip 3: Using your email. Most emails are actually use a very small amount of data. … Tip 4: Get a data bundle.

Should I turn mobile data off when abroad?

A lot of people are asking the question “Should I turn off mobile data when abroad?” Simple answer, yes. If you don’t want to mess around with changing your cell phone plan or getting a local SIM card abroad, just turn off mobile data when abroad and use your phone as a mini computer via WiFi.

Does BT Mobile work abroad?

In most cases, your BT Mobile SIM is already set up for dialling or using abroad – you don’t need to call us or do anything to activate it. … Once you’re abroad, your phone should work as normal so there’s no need to use a UK country code to call home.

Does BT Mobile have free roaming?

Roam Like Home is available to all BT Mobile customers at no extra cost. It lets you use your minutes, texts and data allowances within our Roam Like Home zones without paying extra roaming charges. … Different countries charge different things for calls, texts and data. These are known as roaming charges.

Is Virgin Mobile free in Europe?

Can I roam for free in the EU with Virgin Mobile? You can now use your UK allowance anywhere in the EU with Roam Like Home. … If your allowance has run out, you can still use your mobile wherever you are in the EU and pay no more for your Minutes, Texts and Data than you would in the UK, subject to fair use limits.

Is roam like home worth it?

In essence, you will incur an additional cost of either $49 (using rogers roam like home in USA), or $84 (using Rogers Roam Like Home for a week outside of the USA). All are extra costs to your normal phone plan bill. In my personal opinion, the Rogers Roam Like Home feature is not worth it.

Can I use my virgin phone in Europe?

You can now use your Virgin Mobile allowance anywhere in the EU with Roam Free with EU Roaming Included. This means that while you’re travelling in an EU country, you’ll be able to use your Virgin Mobile allowance of minutes, texts and data, just as you would at home subject to fair use limits.

How do I avoid roaming charges when abroad?

How to avoid data roaming chargesRoaming in Europe. … Turn off data roaming. … Stick to free Wi-Fi. … Use Three. … Other packages. … Switch SIM.

Is roaming in Europe Free?

When you travel outside your home country to another EU country, you don’t have to pay any additional charges to use your mobile phone. This is known as “roaming” or “roam like at home”.

How do I know if my phone is roaming?

Relax: Your Android phone alerts you whenever it’s roaming. A Roaming icon appears at the top of the screen, in the status area, whenever you’re outside your cellular provider’s signal area. The icon differs from phone to phone, but generally the letter R figures in it somewhere, similar to what’s shown in the margin.

What’s the difference between mobile data and roaming?

Mobile Data is Internet access via mobile signals (4G/3G etc.) Data roaming is the term used when your mobile phone is using data on a mobile network, away from your home network, while you’re abroad. So whenever you’re using mobile data outside your registered region, you’re roaming your data.

Can I use my BT Mobile in the USA?

If you are with us for mobile, with Roam Like Home you can use your inclusive BT Mobile allowance to send texts, make calls and use data in over 47 destinations*. … Go over your monthly data, calls or texts allowance – and just like at home – you’ll be charged at BT Mobile’s standard rate.

What countries does roam like home cover?

Countries with Roam like Home: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela. Use your plan’s minutes, text & data.

Can I use my UK mobile in USA?

In summary, you will find that from a hardware perspective, you can use a UK phone in the USA. All current models and phones made within the last ten years or so are suitable for use abroad. But when it comes to data plans and your network coverage, you may have to do some investigation.

Is roaming free in Lanzarote?

As Lanzarote is in EU countries you’ll be able to use the service in roaming (Lanzarote) and will be deducted from goodybag allowance.

Will my Virgin Mobile phone work in Europe?

Yes. You can use your phone wherever you are in the world. But remember, roaming rates will apply while roaming outside of the EU. … You don’t need to activate roaming on your Virgin Mobile Plan, but you may need to activate data roaming on your phone settings to access the mobile internet while abroad.

Does Virgin Mobile have roaming charges?

If you’ve switched on roaming, you’ll be charged for any calls, texts and data you use when abroad, and your data usage will be charged per Megabyte.