Question: What Determines Concert Ticket Prices?

What does Ticketmaster do with unsold tickets?

our clients will be able to retain economic value that is normally siphoned off by the secondary market, and to sell more of their tickets that go unsold today.

Translation: Musicians and concert venues will get the money that scalpers now collect when they re-sell tickets at high prices..

Why are BTS tickets so expensive?

BTS is one of the hottest Kpop idol groups around at this present time. Their fans love them to death! So to answer your question, their tickets are expensive, because they are popular and in demand. This means, people will pay a pretty penny to see them live so management and whatnot can charge a lot $$.

Can you meet BTS with VIP tickets?

VIP tickets only score you good seats and being able to attend the sound check before the concert starts. A fan meeting is something else. … There is no meet and greet or photo ops when going to a BTS concert.

Are concert tickets worth it?

They can be pricey, but concerts are definitely worth the money. Seeing a band on stage surrounded by cool lighting, effects, stage props and costumes heightens the music and creates a fun, energetic atmosphere. The great thing about seeing musicians live is that sometimes they sound even better in person.

How much is a ticket to a Taylor Swift concert?

Currently, Taylor Swift tickets at Vivid Seats start at $135, with a median price of $382. Who will perform at Lover Fest with Taylor Swift? The tour is being billed at Taylor Swift + friends, so special guests are expected at a number of the Lover Fest tour dates.

Is Billie Eilish doing a meet and greet?

Grab your friends an enjoy a private meet and greet with Billie Eilish on the US leg of her “When We All Fall Asleep” World Tour. Includes: 4 tickets for premium level seats located in the first 10 rows. Spend 5-10 minutes with Billie Eilish chatting, taking photos and hanging backstage.

Is Billie Eilish ded?

Fake News Alert: Did Billie Eilish Die? Despite recent rumors about Billie Eilish’s death, the American singer and songwriter, is alive and well.

How much do concert tickets usually cost?

Average price of a ticket for a music tour 2011-2019. In 2019, it cost an average of 96.17 U.S. dollars to see an artist live in concert. This marks a substantial increase from 2015, when a gig ticket cost just over 78 dollars.

Why are concert ticket prices so high?

It all comes down to supply and demand. As more and more people continue to demand tickets, high ticket prices continue to be a sort of self-regulating system. … “So artists often want to sell their tickets at … an artificially low price.

Are Billie Eilish tickets expensive?

Billie Eilish tickets are some of the most expensive you can buy in 2019 so far, but what you’re getting is invaluable. It can’t be matched by any amount of money. It’s the price of witnessing a generational artist the year after it becomes clear: Billie Eilish is unlike anyone else making music right now.

How can I get cheaper tickets on Ticketmaster?

9 Ways to Save When Shopping TicketmasterShop for tickets early. … Shop Ticketmaster presales. … Use Ticketmaster coupon codes. … Sign up for Ticketmaster favorites and subscriptions. … Shop for Ticketmaster deals. … Find your ticket discounts. … Skip the shipping fees. … Use Ticketmaster gift cards.More items…•

Are VIP tickets worth it?

There is no general rule for what VIP means, so determining the worth of VIP tickets is very relative. Each venue & event may have something different & you need to evaluate for yourself whether the additional cost has sufficient value.

Do ticket prices go down closer to event Ticketmaster?

You can wait until the event gets closer and you should find that tickets are available for below face value on the secondary market. As the event date nears, ticket prices will continue to drop as long as the inventory levels remain steady. … It’s also important to avoid service fees when purchasing tickets.

Why are Kpop concert tickets so expensive?

Well, aside from Kpop Idols and companies need to make money, remember that their music distributor and business visa sponsor in America is usually an American Company, which means a longer chain of distribution, hence the higher price.

Why are Ticketmaster fees so expensive?

Ticket prices are usually determined by the venue and performer so if the performer is popular and demand is high, then ticket price is expensive. Ticketmaster and all resale sites charge so called Service Fee which is going to be their revenue. … The fees are such so Ticketmaster generates revenue themselves.

What is the cheapest ticket website?

Here’s a quick rundown of the best flight search sites for booking cheap airfare.TripAdvisor Flights.Skyscanner.OneTravel.Travelzoo.Google Flights.Kayak.Momondo.Nomad from items…•

How can I get cheap concert tickets?

7 Ways to Get Cheap Concert TicketsSit near the back. You won’t have the best view, but you’ll still hear the music. … Buy from a reseller. … Wait until the last minute. … Skip town. … Sit solo. … Attend shows at the fair. … Earn cash back.

What does a BTS VIP ticket include?

Each may include front row tickets, an autograph or a pre-show party. Some may even include the opportunity for a meet and greet with the artist or experience a sound check!

How do I avoid Ticketmaster fees?

Buy tickets at the venue if available. If you buy online, no matter where, you will be paying fees most likely. Either it is built into the price of the ticket, or you will be charged a fee. The best way to avoid Ticketmaster/Live Nation fees is to purchase directly from the venue box office.

Is Box Office cheaper than Ticketmaster?

If the venues sell tickets they will generally charge a fee but not the Ticketmaster fee. For instance The Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theatre charges $5 a ticket whereas their fee from is $7-$8.