Question: What Does It Mean If Something Is Compulsory?

Does must mean mandatory?

“Must” is the only word that imposes a legal obligation on your readers to tell them something is mandatory.

Also, “must not” are the only words you can use to say something is prohibited..

Does should mean mandatory?

Should is used to mean a recommendation only. The word shall is used to indicate mandatory requirements strictly to be followed in order to conform to the standard and from which no deviation is permitted (shall equals is required to).

What is the opposite praise?

What is the opposite of praise?blameaccuseadmonishcensurecritiquecursedecryimputenitpickimpugn8 more rows

How do you use sadistic in a sentence?

Sadistic sentence examplesI don’t want to sleep with some sadistic man-whore, and I don’t want rabies. … And why are you dressed like a sadistic teddy bear? … Even without some sadistic creature’s name around her neck, things would never be the same.More items…

How do you use compulsory in a sentence?

Compulsory sentence examplesMuch, however, is effected towards unification, by compulsory military service, it being the principle that no man shall serve within the military district to which he belongs. … Primary education is free and secular, and is compulsory for children of 6 to 14 years.More items…

Who is the mandatory?

Something mandatory is the result of a mandate or order, which usually comes in the form of a law, rule, or regulation. Today there seem to be a lot of these mandates, so mandatory seat belts, mandatory inspections for industries, and mandatory prison sentences for violent crimes are regularly in the news.

What does mandatory mean in the workplace?

Are Mandatory Training Courses different to Statutory Training Courses? (CQC) Statutory training relates to training this is required legally in order to protect individuals in the workplace. Mandatory training relates to trade specific training that the employer considers essential or compulsory for a specific job.

What does mandatory mean in school?

compulsory, mandatory, required(adj) required by rule. “in most schools physical education is compulsory”; “attendance is mandatory”; “required reading”

What is the noun of compulsory?

What is the noun for compulsory? compulsion.

What is a sentence for tangible?

tangible Sentence Examples. The characters were as tangible as all of us standing in this room. … Some people enjoy tangible gifts, while others would rather time spent with friends or a phone call.

Is compulsorily a word?

noun, plural com·pul·so·ries. something, as an athletic feat, that must be performed or completed as part of a contest or competition: The ice skater received a higher score on the compulsories than on her freestyle performance.

What does it mean if something is not compulsory?

Not required by law or a rule; voluntary. ‘a deal agreed by the unions guaranteeing non-compulsory redundancies’

What is the difference between required and needed?

The difference between Need and Require. When used as verbs, need means to have an absolute requirement for, whereas require means to ask (someone) for something. … Need as a noun (countable, and, uncountable): A for something; something .

What is the opposite compulsory?

Antonyms for compulsory inessential, unstipulated, liberated, free, unnecessary, Liberalized, voluntary, optional.

What does compulsory mean in history?

adjective. required by regulations or laws; obligatorycompulsory education. involving or employing compulsion; compelling; necessary; essential.

What’s the opposite of rejected?

What is the opposite of reject?acceptallowassenttakeclaimaccede toratifyconsenttake onO.K.34 more rows

What is the opposite of payment?

Opposite of a payment or reward. debt. disdain. disrespect.

What does it mean if something is mandatory?

adjective. authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory: It is mandatory that all students take two years of math. pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a command. Law.

Are mandatory and compulsory the same thing?

When used as nouns, compulsory means something that is compulsory or required, whereas mandatory means a sign or line that require the path of the disc to be above, below or to one side of it. When used as adjectives, compulsory means required, whereas mandatory means obligatory.