Quick Answer: Does StockX Sell Fake Stuff?

Is StockX a ripoff?

It’s a scam, don’t trust them.

It’s a scam.

They sell you items with signs of wear and when you try to resell them, they flag the items for the exact signs of wear which they ignored the first time round.

All the while making money of every transaction..

Which is better StockX or goat?

But in general, GOAT seems to offer a better sneaker shopping experience than StockX. GOAT’s order progress feature is more advanced and informative. They ship goods in fewer days than StockX and also charges less fees on shipping in the US.

Do goats sell fakes?

Counterfeit sneakers are rampant online for some of the most sought after basketball brands. … GOAT pioneered the ship-to-verify model in the sneaker industry. This means that sellers can list any shoes on GOAT’s marketplace, but shoes that sell are first sent to the company for authentication by its image detection AI.

Can I cancel a StockX sale?

You cannot cancel your Bid or Ask after a sale has occurred. In order to maintain marketplace integrity, we need to ensure bids are real, active, and dependable. Remember, there is a buyer or seller on the other side expecting the transaction to continue.

Is StockX safe to sell?

Anonymity of StockX It’s all about the sneakers. … Because StockX verifies every pair of sneakers, there’s no risk for customers. Being anonymous makes selling sneakers easy for newer resellers. On eBay, customers often look at the number of reviews a seller has before buying anything.

Is StockX a reliable source?

At StockX We Believe the Only Reliable Business Model is Authenticity. … Being reliable and being authentic are two sides of the StockX coin. We wouldn’t exist without either. You can rely on the fact that your sneakers will be the real deal, every time because we go to extreme lengths to authenticate every product.

What happens if you sell fakes on StockX?

If the shoes are not authentic, or they are not in deadstock condition with the original box, you will be charged 15% of the sales price or $13.95 for shipping them back to you, whichever is more. No arrests, no accusations. If you keep sending them fakes they will suspend your account.

Is StockX legit 2020?

After stating the workings of StockX in its entirety, it goes without saying that it is a 100% legitimate company that deals with authentic goods. It is truly a magnificent online shopping portal that offers the best possible deals for both buyers and sellers, taking strict measures to authenticate every single item.

Is everything on StockX new?

StockX only sells authentic sneakers that are unworn and in their original boxes. The company says it overtook eBay last year for sneaker resales. Its competitors also include online sellers and platforms such as GOAT, Grailed, Flight Club and Stadium Goods. There is significant money in reselling sneakers.

Can you sell fake shoes on StockX?

StockX bans sellers from its platform that willfully or repeatedly attempt to sell fakes. Would-be buyers whose orders are stopped by the discovery of a fake get refunds if no similar item is available. “Because we check, most people don’t even try to send fakes through us,” Luber said.