Quick Answer: What Can I Do With Old Cords And Cables?

How do you dispose of old cables?

Never dispose of your electronic waste, or e-waste, along with your regular garbage.

Instead, take it to a local electronic recycling program sponsored by your city government or an electronics store.

Recycling your old computer cables is eco-friendly and may even help you stash a few extra dollars in your pocket..

Are old computer cables worth anything?

It likely won’t be worth a fortune, but you can at least make some cash off old cables that you’re never going to use again. Any metal recycling center will accept your copper-cored wires, and will likely accept most of your small electronics, in addition to other wires and cables.

How do I get rid of cables?

If you just want to get rid of them, consider recycling them. There are some electronics stores that take these types of items for recycling, including Best Buy, so consider dropping the cords off there.

Does Best Buy recycle cables?

Best Buy operates the largest retail collection program in the country, having collected and responsibly disposed of more than 1.5 billion pounds of electronics and appliances. And there’s no charge to recycle most items. That means you can bring in your old cords, cables, VCRs — you name it.

How do you hide cords?

8 Genius Ways to Hide Every Wire in Your HomeHook Cords to the Back of Your Furniture. … Feed Wires Through a TV Stand. … Hide TV Wires in Plain Sight. … Run TV Wires Behind the Wall. … Tuck Cord Chaos Into Tubing. … Slip Them Into a Drawer. … Snake Them Through Baseboard Accessories. … Stash Wires and Routers In a “Book”