What Do You Call Someone That Thinks Outside The Box?

What is a word for thinking outside the box?

Alternate Synonyms for “out-of-the-box thinking”: divergent thinking; thinking; thought; thought process; cerebration; intellection; mentation..

What is mentation mean?

noun. The definition of mentation is thinking or any work of the mind. An example of mentation is thinking through a problem. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Copyright © 2018 by LoveToKnow Corp.

What is a small box called?

small box, casket, chest, container, case, receptacle.

What is another word for divergent?

What is another word for divergent?differentdifferingdissimilarvaryingunlikeantitheticaldisparateunalikeclashingcontradictory190 more rows

What is the opposite of a box?

What is the opposite of box?boocatcallhissjeercensuredenouncedisapproveblow a raspberry

What is the meaning of idiom think outside the box?

think differently. to be creative and produce something that is not usual or boring. to come up with something that is unique and interesting. look at the broader context of a problem, challenge etc.

What does abnormal mentation mean?

A patient with abnormal mentation may be described by a progression of adjectives that range from least to most affected: depressed, obtunded, stuporous, and comatose. The comatose patient is not awakened by any stimuli, even those that are noxious. There are innumerable causes of abnormal mentation.

What does Obtundation mean?

Listen to pronunciation. (ob-tun-DAY-shun) A dulled or reduced level of alertness or consciousness.

What does touch base mean?

to get in contactTo touch base means to get in contact.

Is it out of the box or out of the box?

Used other than as an idiom: See out of, the, box. (idiomatic, of a product) Immediate(ly), without intervention from the customer. This software has to work out of the box, without any fancy installation. (idiomatic) Outside the box; unconventional(ly): outside the limits of conventional thinking.

How do you think outside the box at work?

So how can I start thinking outside the box in my workplace?Make Small Changes to Your Routine. … Fill Your Mind with (Good) Media. … Schedule in Time for Thinking. … Unplug During the Work Day. … Build a Better Relationship With Your Boss.

What’s another way to say out of the box?

What is another word for out-of-the-box?freshneworiginaldifferentradicalrevolutionaryadvancedcreativegroundbreakingingenious233 more rows

What is the meaning of somnolence?

n. A state of drowsiness; sleepiness.

What does the phrase out of the box mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An out-of-the-box feature or functionality (also called OOTB or off the shelf), particularly in software, is a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately after or even without any special installation without any configuration or modification.

What is another word for unconventional?

SYNONYMS FOR unconventional eccentric, individualistic, idiosyncratic, atypical.

What are examples of thinking outside the box?

11 Ways to Think Outside the BoxStudy another industry. I’ve learned as much about teaching from learning about marketing as I have from studying pedagogy – maybe more. … Learn about another religion. … Take a class. … Read a novel in an unfamiliar genre. … Write a poem. … Draw a picture. … Turn it upside down. … Work backwards.More items…

What’s another word for box?

What is another word for box?casecasketchesttrunkcartoncontainerpackpackagebincrate131 more rows

What’s the meaning of crate?

: a large wooden or plastic box used for moving things from one place to another. : a metal or plastic container that is used to hold bottles. : the amount of something contained in a crate.